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Bringing Canada's top lifestyle creators to e-commerce

Create an inspiring omnichannel experience across 3 brands on 1 single platform!

  • Local and international furniture for home and garden
  • 16 stores, 5 brands, 3 unique e‑commerce websites, 1 platform
  • Specialists in interior and exterior furniture, the G2MC group retailers (Maison Corbeil, Jardin de Ville, MUST, La Galerie du Meuble, Home Société) offer accessible and high range contemporary style furnishings from an exclusive selection of local and international brands.
  • Challenges:
    • 3 unique brand experiences managed within 1 platform
    • Push e‑commerce platform to inspire as well as convert
    • Omnichannel features to unify experiences

Exploit all the possibilities of an e‑commerce platform while keeping an omnichannel strategy in mind

Home decoration and furniture is one of the first sectors in retail to be truly multichannel and the e‑commerce platform represents a very important first step in the purchase journey. Leveraging all of the possibilities of e‑commerce in an omnichannel mindset was exactly the challenge we accepted working with G2MC.

Because each of G2MC’s brands is unique, we worked hand in hand with their brand agency to transfer their premium guidelines and codes into their digital platform. The main challenge was to converge all 3 brands needs on one single platform. Therefore, we took a close look at the product information, business rules like returns and warranties, logistics and channel integrations (stores, web, social, etc.) for each brand and unified them to get a clear process across. Our development team managed to create a solid bridge with their ERP Meublex, enabling at the same time the sales teams to give their legendary customer service and simultaneously the logistics team to handle everything from delivery to return and pick-up.

Maison Corbeil, MUST Société and Jardin de Ville’s customers have matching expectations. They all want to get inspired, find the right information (product measurement) at the right time, whatever the device or channel. They want to feel like they made the perfect choice. Along with G2MC’s digital and e‑commerce team, we’ve decided to create an in-store and online experience as seamless as possible. This meant to create customer service features, enabling BOPIS, where to see an item on display, the high number of possible furniture personalization, making appointments to book an in-store shopping session, etc. all while keeping conversion at the centre of it.

Since inspiration plays a big role in the purchase path, we wanted to bring G2MC’s great content to the forefront and let it be used as a conversion tool. We’ve inserted it across PLP, PDP, blog, landing pages and even the Our Stores section further. We pushed the boundaries of Magento to become more than an e‑commerce platform, but to become an inspirational platform.


Multi-brand company platform with individualized and unique brand experience

Maison Corbeil, MUST and Jardin de Ville each has its own universe and strict brand guidelines. Each one has their own products, business rules and particularities we needed to bring to life on a single platform. We created a unique experience (UX/UI) for each brand while allowing the admin team to be able to manage from the same back-end.


Bounce Rate: 17.35%

Premium personalized customer service

One of our main objectives was to bring the group exceptional service to their digital platform. They key? The right information at the right place (UX).

We addressed the main questions their clients have “will this fit in my space” showing a 360 and more than enough sizing info for each product. We also added an appointment making feature for their client to book an in-store shopping session and a live chat for those quick questions right then and there. It brought the omnichannel experience to life. On top of it all, we have each product’s availability for BOPIS and we also show where the product is available on display.

Premium customer service at its best!

ezgif.com-gif-maker (1)

Convert the product list page as an inspiration engine

At the corner of inspiration and conversion was the PLP. We pushed Magento’s boundaries to create an inspiring product grid that included videos, inspiration images and also call-to-actions. From appointment booking to upsell, these features helped increase total sales and AOV.

G2MC-inspiration engine-iphone-en
G2MC-inspiration engine-visu-en

Lifestyle inspiration that converts

Trends, lifestyle and curation is at the heart of G2MC’s vision. We created an inspiration section that integrated essential e-commerce features right the heart of it. A landing page system their content creator can segment by room, trends, collection and even blogs. Each landing page and article features its own product selection curated to match the content. We’ve also integrated a Shop the Look feature to pin product directly onto the ambiance visuals aligned with the client’s social media habits.

The right product at the right place at the right time = conversion!


AOV: 1,103$

Store & digital as one

All 3 brands have ties to their communities (online & offline). We had to make every experience shoppable. From the inspirations section through in-store workshops and all the way to the Our Store section, we made it to be unique. Inspiration, service and conversion had to be felt throughout the sections. We pushed Magento’s limits to become an inspiring e‑commerce engine for G2MC!


186% + AOV

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