Performance &

Boost your sales using business intelligence, automation and personalization as a tool to reach your goals and increase conversions.


Revenue & Performance Optimizations

Optimize your revenues and increase your average order value

Knowing there is a method in improving your platform’s revenue (CRO) and your AOV has been transformative for our clients. In partnership with your team, we analyze, measure and create a tailored roadmap to increase your KPIs. Limit the guesswork!


Business Analytics

A deep understanding of the data to support your future strategic decisions

Measure twice and cut once is the best image to explain why having the right data can make all the difference. Unlock the possibilities today’s analytics tools and dashboards allow you to seize. Own your data!


Email Marketing & Automation

Convert your prospects into customers

Tricky tool yet essential for businesses nowadays, marketing automation should be a top priority for you. With your objectives in mind, we help you leverage your database to create a killer segmentation, identify the right opportunities and nurture leads into customers!



Maximize your customer lifetime value

An e-commerce platform is only as good as what you put in it! Our experts who have implemented the best-in-class solutions will help you identify your business requirements and get a clear strategy on how to leverage them. Increase your customers’ LTV efficiently.