A global market leader specialized in recreational vehicles

Roll out 4 brands in record time


– A Canadian market leader in the recreational vehicles

– Vehicles, Accessories, parts and apparel

Challenges of the project:

– Multiple technologies, 5 brands, 2 teams

– More than 20 000 employees in 120 countries

Deployment UX Design Digital Strategy PIM

From a production focused to a customer experience driven across all its brands

How to roll out 4 brands in record time and against the odds

Vehicle manufacturer, OEM and any aftermarket players are faced with a new set of challenges in their journey to digital excellency, the complexity of their products.

Fitment, compatibility, supply chain, kits… the company has been on a path to reinvent itself from being production focused to become experience driven across all its brands. This path has led to them to partner with us to tackle these challenges heads on.

First, the company wanted to deploy a best in class ecommerce platform to keep their line of parts, accessories and apparel growing while leveraging their current technological infrastructure. Not only did we have many complex business rules to identify during discovery, we had Black Friday coming up quickly. It was clear that the only way to achieve this was through a tight integration of both teams to form 1 team working towards the same goal. Together, we defined deliverable that would become our MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and limit as much risk as possible. Our approcah was to roll out brands one after the other and leverage Adobe Commerce’s store/storeview feature to gain velocity from a brand to another.

Starting from the brand’s UI and current brand experience, our designer and UX specialsts worked with the company to leverage its existing digital experience to create design and UX based on conversion. Merchandising, SEO, promotional and product fitment and compatibility features were high in priority and had the biggest business value for them so they were tackled first. Using the layered navigation and filtering systems, we were able, for example, to allow riders to quickly find product that fit on their vehicles. An OEM parts catalog was also integrated for all the parts one would need to fix their vehicle.

Once the brands were up and running, both teams’ focus changed to the connections, integration and product data structure to build a PIM (Product Information Management) with Akeneo. From parts, accessories and apparel to vehicles, we were able to connect with Adobe Commerce, SAP, Transperfect and Adobe Dam and synchronize all the existing products, categories, attributes, assets, etc. from the PIM to an already live production environment.

Our winning partnership with the company is only starting and with many more projects in perspective, time will show that the company’s vision to be experience driven was the right one.

Short Timeline, Connexions, complexe business rule system, foundation for the overall vision
Together with the company, we were able to quickly define the deliverables included in the MVP during discovery and determine how to get to the the go live fast while limiting project risks

logo-akeneo-color (1)

Creation of a quick product search tool

One of the biggest challenges our team faced was getting the right parts and accessories to the right vehicle owner. So we integrated an OEM parts finder to allow owners to easily search by vehicle/year/series/packaging/parts and ensure they get the exact part for their vehicle.

Multi brand rollout

Teamwork is one of our core values and it was clear that along with the company’s digital department, we needed to work hand in hand to achieve success. We had to discover, build, integrate and deploy 4 brands over a 6 month period, just in time for Black Friday. We laid the groundwork for a state-of-the-art Adobe Commerce platform by taking advantage of its out-of-the-box capabilities for a rapid development cycle.

Practical is the new black

Consumers expect quality digital expertise from premium brands. “Convenience is the new premium” when it comes to product information and research. Our PIM team connected Akeneo PIM with their ERP, Adobe Commerce, Transperfect and their DAM (Digital Asset Management) to find the right information to enrich and push it to Adobe Commerce. As for the user interface, we focused on creating a branded PDP (Product Detail Page) to present the right enriched product data.

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