Zadig & Voltaire

Teamwork at the heart of business performance!

Develop the performance of the US and international e-commerce platforms thanks to a scalable and innovative vision.

  • Fashion, luxury & retail
  • 1 leading brand, 1 innovative and efficient e-commerce platform
  • Created in 1997, Zadig & Voltaire is a high-end French ready-to-wear brand, known for its“ casual rock ” collections. Over the years, the brand has been able to create a strong identity and develop its international presence in more than 18 countries.
  • Challenges:
    • Harmonize and stabilize a high volume e‑commerce site
    • Optimize the platform continuously without losing sight of performance
    • Collaborate internationally and set up a PWA solution

Technological optimization as a driver of growth

For several years now, the weight of e‑commerce in the fashion industry has been steadily increasing and the competition is getting fierce. The difference between in-store and online experience is getting blurry as fewer consumers still make the difference between these 2 channels. Having a strong e‑commerce platform has therefore become essential to be able to develop a seamless omnichannel experience. It is with these issues in mind that the Zadig & Voltaire group entrusted us with 2 challenges: Optimizing the United States e‑commerce platform and succeeding in the omnichannel experience as well as contributing to the PWA development of the international platform.

Zadig & Voltaire USA:

Our very first challenge was to stabilize the platform and correct known issues from order workflow improvement, to inventories, marketing features etc. Both Zadig & Voltaire’s and our team put our heads together to create a roadmap allowing the stabilization and optimization tasks to be planned over time. We also put forward a Magento 2.4 migration and a much needed server optimization work has been done to optimize performance.

Up next was to focus on business performance of the US e‑commerce. Once again, the collaborative work with the Zadig & Voltaire team as well as the working methods used played a crucial role in this optimization phase. The results were more than satisfactory, revenues increased by 47% in the first year.

Our designers initially focused on improving the UX and UI interface in order to optimize the presentation of products and the users purchase journey. In parallel, new functionalities were developed and better promotions presentations were deployed as both are crucial elements in the retail world.

With sales increase as a goal, we’ve connected the e‑commerce platform to various marketplaces like Simon Premium Marketplace, Saks Fifth Avenue and several others, allowing them to extract the necessary product information in order to use them on their own platform. Many MarTech tools have also been connected, for example: BazaarVoice to improve the distribution of reviews on different products, Hotjar to better understand and analyze the customer journey and continuously optimize the user experience, Zendesk to improve engagement and customer loyalty and Klarna to allow for a buy now and play later payment option.
In order to be accessible to all, a lot of work has also been done to make the e‑commerce platform “ADA-compliant”. Our team therefore focused on SEO and metadata and made the navigation compatible with major voice and standard navigation tools.
Finally, many efforts have been made to make the platform truly omnichannel and to allow connection to inventories and in-store pick-up via APIs for a continuous experience across channels.

Zadig & Voltaire international:

Along with the US project, the group wanted to develop an international platform via Magento 2 paired with Vue StoreFront for a true PWA experience. The objective was to bring together all the countries in which the brand is present, and to efficiently centralize e‑commerce operations and developments on one platform.

Along with DnD, a French agency, we have contributed to the development of one of the very first Magento PWA platforms with such international scope. To ensure this avant-garde achievement was successful, a lot of work was done on the APIs as well as on the development of needed connections to allow the platform to operate optimally. Vue Storefront was leveraged as a PWA user interface, allowing for a great customer experience. Together we pushed the limits of the platform and the technologies thanks to personalized functionalities for both business and technical performance.

This PWA platform made it possible to offer a native and natural browsing experience, close to that of mobile applications, and ideal for optimizing the journey and the user experience. It has also made it possible to make the loading speed almost instantaneously on the site a and reduce the purchase funnel steps

Thanks to collaborative work with both Zadig & Voltaire and DnD, we were able to push the boundaries and create a first of its kind performance-oriented e‑commerce platform.


Client & Agency: teamwork that pays off

The partnership and the work methodology established between the Zadig et Voltaire US team and our project team is the source of this success. Together, our business analysts, lead technicians and strategists have established an action plan, backlog and a methodology based on flexibility, collaboration and innovation. It is precisely this teamwork that made this success possible!


UX and UI optimization as a seal of performance

Our designers initially focused on improving the UX and UI interface in order to optimize the presentation of items and facilitate the steps in the purchase journey. At the same time, new functionalities were developed, allowing products and promotions to be presented in an optimal way.


Add-on integration to improve the customer experience

Many tools have been integrated like: BazaarVoice to improve reviews and reduce hesitation, Wunderkind for the conversion rate and analyze the customer journey, Zendesk to improve customer engagement and loyalty or even Klarna for deferred payments.

All in the name of great customer experience.

PWA as a driver of performance

The development of the international PWA platform allowed us to create a native and natural browsing experience, close to that of mobile applications, and ideal for optimizing the journey and the user experience. Loading speed is now almost instantaneous across the site. Thanks to a lot of collaborative work, we have pushed the limits of existing technologies and created a performance-oriented e‑commerce platform.


Teamwork + technology + strategy = Growth

It is the continuous technological improvement combined with a strategic vision focused on the user experience that has enabled Zadig & Voltaire to improve its sales and revenues each year since the start of our collaboration: + 47% in revenue in 2018, and + 44% of revenue in 2019.


+ 47% in revenue in 2018,
+ 44% of revenue in 2019

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